Be The Church

When Jesus was doing ministry on earth, he not only observed the Sabbath, but he was a model for us in being the church. Everywhere he went, he taught people, feed people, he laid hands on people and healed them. Jesus Christ was the church. What if being a Christian could be more than showing up for two hours every Sunday and fulfilling some spiritual requirement for self gratification. What if you lived Jesus, What if you lived outside these walls in a way that changed the world, much like Christ. What if you were to BE THE CHURCH.

Here are Three Ways To BE THE CHURCH

These events are designed to take Christ to those around us in our community, such as helping local crisis pregnancy center, feeding hungry athletes at games, visiting and doing activities with seniors, ministering to college students on campus’, appreciating local teachers, our annual thanksgiving outreach and more!

• Tip a little extra to your waiter/waitress
• Laundromat: Take a bag of quarters and ‘take a load off someone’
• Pay for a meal for person behind you in drive-thru or someone near you alone at a restaurant.
• Bake some cookies, or bring a treat to your neighbor or coworker
• Do some yard work or shovel snow for a neighbor
• Take soup to someone who is sick.
• Make sure you pick up a few be the church wallet cards at connections central

Each month focus on a different area and pay it forward by performing random acts of kindness each week. Here is the focus for each month.

1. Select an individual to show kindness to
2. Once a week perform an act of kindness
3. Invite to church

• February: Love Your Neighbor Month
• March: Adopt a Service Worker Month
• April: Adopt a Coworker Month
• May: Adopt a Single Mom Month
• June: Adopt a Single Dad Month
• July: Adopt a Veteran Month
• August: Adopt a teacher Month
• September: Love Your Neighbor Month
• October: Adopt a Service Worker Month
• November: Adopt a coworker Month
• December: Adopt an unchurched family member Month

More examples of those to show acts of kindness:

• Elderly, Coworkers, Neighbors
• Sanitation workers, Police officer, EMT
• Mail carrier, Public Service, Teachers
• Crosswalk workers
• Government employees
• Enemies (I know, not easy)

I Am My Brother’s Keeper Homeless Shelter

‘I am my brothers keeper’ is a ministry in the Cass area of Detroit. A group meets on the 5th Thursday of each month at the church at 4:00 p.m. Clothing can be donated as well at any time during the month. Please see Don Clark for more info.

Wayne County Homeless Shelter

Feeding: Every 4th Saturday at 4:00 p.m. and meeting at church at 3:00 p.m. See Don Clark for more info.