Christian Formation


New Christians and those wanting to know more about following Christ are encouraged to attend GEAR. There are four components to GEAR.

  1. Giving yourself completely to God.
  2. Experience His power and love
  3. Achieve personal growth and development
  4. Reach others with your story.

B.A.S.E Classes

B.A.S.E (Biblical and Spiritual Equipping) are formational classes designed for growth and discipleship. Classes offered vary from quarter to quarter. Here is a list of current classes being offered:

  1. Comparative Religions (Josh Hatfield)
  2. Bible Study (Larry Mullins)
  3. Spiritual Warfare (Mary Hostetter)


Expedition: Experience our culture, is a class for those that are new to our community of faith. This class is designed to introduce new members to our story, our vision, our purpose, our core values and our core beliefs. This class also provides direction in discovering spiritual gifts and passions. Four classes include:

  1. Expedition 101
  2. Essentials 201
  3. Discovery 301
  4. Culture 401